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Showcase Ad #3 SOLD
1974 Honda XR75
Pictures and Video!
1974 Honda XR75 K1
Second Year of Production
$X.XXX.00 plus shipping

This is a 1974 Honda XR75 in very good condition. Everything is there. Even the metal side number plates. The bike has been repainted and new stickers added to the gas tank and side plates. The seat has been recovered and looks new. The front plastic number plate and number are new. The petcock and gas cap are NOS Honda parts to make sure the tank is in great shape. I think the tires are probably original with good tread but there is cracking in them. Front rim has some surface rust and the rear is in good shape. New Oury grips on the handlebars.

The bike starts first kick and runs very well. You can see this in the video I included below. Has good power and shifts easily through all the gears. Clutch is in good shape. Brakes are in good shape and stop the bike easily. The bike has less than 3 or 4 months on a new piston, rings and cylinder rebore. So, compression is better than factory new. Other than that I don't know much more about the motor. It's a little noisy but I think there is a little exhaust leak where the exhaust pipe is bolted on. There is a quick change oil unit installed on the motor that is not original. But, it sures makes changing the oil easy. It's just a little brass piece installed where the oil filler plug goes. Motor does not leak any oil on the garage floor. This bike sure is fun to drive and will pull me (190lbs) around just fine.

Please be sure to view the pictures below. You'll need to click on the thumbnails to view the larger pictures. They are about 100k each and may take a minute to download if you have a slow connection but they are worth the wait. Also, I've included a Windows Media Player Video of the bike starting and running. Most folks have Windows Media so they can just download it and play it. I put it at a lower quality for size sake so it's about 360k. It has sound so you can hear the little beast rev up. If you want a higher quality 1mb size video please email me.

As you can see the bike is in very good shape for being about 29 years old. I can't imagine a bike this nice being ridden that much. The tank is not dented, the side plates are not dented and the handlebars and fenders aren't scrapped. This one truly survived very well.

This bike is offered without warranty or guarantee. I don't know if there is something that may happen 10 days down the road or 10 years down the road. However, you can see for yourself how good a shape this bike is in. Thankfully, it's a Honda and very reliable and easy to fix when you do service it down the road. This motorcycle is not perfect or mint and is not going to perform like one of the new motocross bikes or high end dirt bikes. It is a Vintage Honda and will provide a lot of fun and memories as you ride it on the trails or around your house.


I have a couple of shipping items so please read carefully.

Option 1:
I will pack this bike in a wooden crate, secure it, deliver it to forward air and ship it to your Forward Air location for $175 total. That's everything. You just need to make sure there is a Forward Air location near you. Visit

Option 2:
I will dissasemble and ship this motorcycle via UPS to your door for $175. That includes dissasembly, packing and shipping. You will need to reassemble it upon delivery. Please allow several days for me to dissasemble, pack and crate the bike.

Option 3:
Have your preferred shipper come pick it up at my house. FREE

Option 4:
Come pick the bike up at my house in Park City, Utah. Zip code is 84098. FREE.


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Showcase Ad #4 SOLD
1975 Honda XL125
Manufacture date: 10/1974
Serial Number : XL1251108261
3,053 Original Miles
This bike is all original and unrestored. It starts very easily and runs/idles pretty well. I can ride it around the yard and down the street just fine. Shifts through all gears smoothly and the clutch works great. It does need a tune up to run superb though. Does not smoke or burn oil.
Front and rear brakes work great and have a lot of life left in them. Look at that seat! No tears or rips on the original seat cover!

How often do you see these first year XL's come up for auction? Not very often. And it's rare that this one was not turned into a dirt bike and ragged out. It is a perfect candidate for a restoration or just a fun bike to ride as is. This bike is not mint or perfect so please don't expect that. However, for an original unrestored 28 year old Honda motorcycle it is in great shape. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Speedometer, odometer, and tachometer all work fine. I don't have a battery on the bike so I don't know if the horn and rear brake light are functional.

The only items I know of that are missing on this bike are the turn signals and right side plastic cover. I saw one on Ebay last week but I forgot to bid on it. It went for $18. The keyed ignition has been removed but I have that in a box, no key. Tires show signs of cracking and should be replaced (Easy to get from JC Whitney or Honda). I believe these to be the original tires that came on the bike so you can see how little miles and wear is on this bike.

I will pack this bike in a wooden crate, secure it, deliver it to forward air and ship it to your Forward Air location for $275 total. That's everything. If you want to come pick it up at my house then there is no additional fee. You may also have your preferred shipper come to my house and pick it up.

Please contact me with any questions or to learn more about this bike. Thank you!

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Want to sell your motorcycle here in this space? It costs $19.95 and your ad
remains here until sold. Buy the ad space online with your
MC/Visa using Paypal now. Click Here.